5 Tips to Save Money on Vacation

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Vacation Saving Money Having fun on vacation doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. You can save a lot of money and still have a great time if you change things up a bit. Below are some great tips that allow you to enjoy some time off, but save some money while doing so.

Leverage Work Retreats

Leveraging a work retreat in with a vacation can help save a lot of money. If your company schedules a retreat that you need to attend, take the family along. If the company pays for your hotel room, it could be a good mini-escape for all of you. If you are a guest at the resort, your family will be entitled to use the pools, restaurants, saunas and parks.

Shoulder Season

Traveling in the shoulder season is a great way to save money. Shoulder season is the time between the high peak and low peak seasons. During these times, places cut their prices to low out of season rates. The weather during this time is usually just as good as during peak season, the crowds have died down and the popular events and attractions are going to be much cheaper.

Stay In a Home

If you want to save some money on vacation, cut hotels off the list of places to stay. Lots of people have their homes available for people to rent on vacations. Staying in a home can be much cheaper, and they are often much nicer than any hotel. If you have children, the comfort of a home is much more convenient for them as well. Why stay cramped up in a small room when you can have the whole house to spread out in? Many online websites list vacation home rentals which make it easier to secure a place to stay while away.

Cooking Meals

When you arrive at your vacation destination, stop at the grocery store. Pick up the basics, such as milk, cereal, coffee, snack foods, juices, bread and ingredients for sandwiches. Take along some spices like pepper, salt and garlic, as well. Not going to a restaurant for every meal will save you a lot of money on vacation. With the savings you have from cooking at home, treat yourself to one night out for dinner. Don’t feel you have to deprive yourself, but choose the easier meals to eat at home when you can.

Recreation Costs

There are lots of ways to be entertained on vacation without spending a lot of money. Going on bike rides with the family won’t cost a dime. Swimming in the lakes won’t cost you anything. Building a campfire and cooking hotdogs and marshmallows is great fun for the family and will have low costs. If you drive to your vacation location, pack up the fishing poles, bikes, kayaks or whatever other fun things you have around the house. If you decide to go for bike rides, you won’t have to pay to rent them, and if you want to kayak, there will be no rental cost for you! These simple things can help save a lot of money.

Going on a fun family vacation can be done while still keeping your wallet thick. By planning ahead, you can have all the fun you want and still get all the rest you need.

Joshua Radeen is a financial consultant and a contributing writer for homeinsurance.org


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  1. This is very important. Everybody wants to have vacations full of fun but most people would also want to keep their expenses in control. This is a good way keep your expenses so that you can enjoy your vacations to it’s fullest.

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