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| June 25, 2012 | 4 Comments

I am flattered to be asked to contribute on Simple Sunflower.  I am excited to share with you lots more stories, tips, and ideas about simple living and minimalism.

First I wanted to share a bit about me and my simple living.

My family and I decided we needed to simplify our life about 18 months ago.  At that time we would have been considered a fairly normal family living in the mid-western USA.  This area of the country has some of the cheapest real estate and with interest rates lower than they ever have been before it is easier than ever to buy a house…. even a big house.  We had just under 2000 square feet, and in our area this was still considered small.  We had two kids ages 4 and 7 and all they each had rooms full of toys and books.  Our home and life were full but mostly organized.

The thing was that it took all my time and energy to maintain.  I spent so much time cleaning and picking up the inside of the house.  Then on the weekend the outside garden and lawn needed my attention.

It was just what everyone did right?  No one has time for simple living, relaxing with family, or working on personal growth.

We decided we needed to change something.  My husband wanted time to work on his photography side business and I wanted to work more on my writing.  Both of us wanted to spend more time with the kids and doing more family activities.  However we didn’t have the time or money to put toward these things the way we were living.

To start we decided to cut down on the amount of material possessions we had in the house.  I thought we could clean out some extra closet space and have a few less things laying around and it would help the situation.  However, when we started sorting we really started getting into it.  The more we decided to get rid of the better it felt.  Over the last 18 months we have gone through and gotten rid of more and more stuff each time.  Now we have maybe 10-20% of what we did back then and we are so much happier.

So, now we would probably be considered pretty extreme minimalists for having a family with kids.  I don’t think everyone needs to get rid of most of their stuff but that is what was best for us.  Minimalism comes when we decide to keep what we need and what we love.  All the things that don’t fit in those two categories clutter our lives.   For some people they have very little that they need and love, for others there is still a houseful of things they need and love.  Either way we are happiest when we don’t have the extra clutter filling our lives and taking our time and money away from what we value most.

A few months ago I released my first book 321 Stop – stop running and start living.  It is a book about simplifying the home, life, and emotions.  It includes lots of our story, tips that we have learned, and areas we are still working on.  Specific topics addressed in the book are:

  • wardrobe
  • kids toys
  • kitchen
  • time
  • money
  • food
  • goals
  • guilt
  • and much more

I would love to give away 3 copies of the book to three readers on Simple Sunflower. To enter just leave a comment in the comment section and share with us what area you find hardest to simplify in your life.  Three winners will be drawn at random.

Nice to meet you all.  I look forward to learning and growing with you :)

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Lorilee is a writer, God seeker, intentional wanderer, wife, and mom. You can find out more about her at Loving Simple Living. She would love to meet and connect on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Have an awesome simple day :)

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  1. Leila Rhoden says:

    Thank you Lorilee for sharing your story! I commend you on your dedication to simple living, especially since you have a family. I have been gradually lightening my load for about 20 years now, however, I still have a lot of stuff–mostly books, sentimental items, and “things that I might need someday”–packed away in totes. Being single and able to live and eat simply, I have found that there is actually very little “big stuff,” such as furniture and appliances, that I want or need in my humble home. I have closed off half of my home and use portable heating and cooling units instead of the central heating and air system. It was such a waste of money and resources to use. I hope to “downsize” my home someday soon. I would be very happy in a one (large) room shack.

    As a fellow “God Seeker,” I now find more of God in the space between things. I know that it’s all God, however, there is a powerful and attractive mystery in the “unmanifested” potentials of the universe. We are holding open space for the Divine to manifest.

    Thank you again,

  2. Lorilee says:


    Thanks for your comment :) Good to meet you!

  3. michelle says:

    Thanks for sharing Lorilee. We live in Australia and try to live the simple life too. Hubby works full time and I home school. Our home is around 1300 sq feet so, its a lot smaller than yours. It does us BUT I need to seriously declutter. That’s my big problem – clutter!! There are many things I could toss,give away or sell and that’s where I stop. It can be very,very over whelming. I need to keep reading articles like this one – to give me inspiration. Thanks again =)

  4. Lorilee says:

    great to meet you Michelle!

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