Five Frugal Hacks for Every Family: Tips to Save Money Easily

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Frugal Hacks

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Saving money doesn’t mean that you cut back on fun and spend time counting pennies. You can save money and be frugal without compromising on the quality of your life. In fact, you’ll find that you enjoy life even more than ever.

Here are five frugal hacks for every family to help save money:

1. Cook From Scratch to Save Money

Buying ready-to-eat foods is convenient but expensive. Moreover, these foods are generally processed and hence, unhealthy too. Instead, cooking from scratch can help you to eat healthy and save money too. You can find some great, easy-to-make recipes online at sites such as Allrecipes and with a bit of menu planning, you can make budget-friendly, wholesome meals.

2. Reduce and Reuse to Go Green and Save Money

Saving money can be super-easy if you, as a family, decide to adopt the green principles of ‘Reduce’ and ‘Reuse’. Here are a few things you can reduce consumption of, as a family:
• Using the car. Walk or cycle instead.
• Buying high-fat, high-sugar snacks. Eat fruits and raw veggies instead.
• Shopping for new clothes each time you go to the mall. Mix and match what you own instead.
• Using electricity and water. Turn off lights and taps when not in use.

Reusing, too, can help you save money without much effort.

• Turn old t-shirts and clothes into kitchen dusters and cleaning cloths.
• Use glass jars to store snacks, dry mixes or even, craft supplies for kids.
• Turn paper that has only one side written on into scribble pads for kids or the telephone table.

3. Make Gifts Instead of Buying Readymade Ones

Gift-buying can cause a major dent in the family budget. Save money during the holidays and on birthdays by making your own gifts. It doesn’t take a lot of time, only a bit of imagination. A few homemade gift ideas include a cake or a batch of brownies, a hand-painted ceramic mug, a framed photo. In fact, if you’re good at knitting or sewing, you can easily use your hobby to make beautiful, personalized gifts for friends and family.

4. Set Goals and Targets for Saving Money

Saving money becomes easy when you have a goal. Decide on a goal as a family and then, work towards putting away money for it. It can be something indulgent such as a holiday or a practical target, such as a new car. Create a separate bank account and encourage all family members to contribute towards it. Discuss progress at family meetings and make the journey towards your family goal, an involved and interesting one.

5. Frugal and Fun Ways for Kids

Starting young is the best way to start. Learning to respect what they own and understanding the difference between “needs” and “wants” will help kids to not only save money but also be sensible about their purchases. Involve children in family budget discussions. Support efforts to raise money through summer jobs and kids’ business ideas, such as, a bake sale or hand painted greeting cards.

Adopt these frugal tips today for your family and you’ll see the savings increase without a decrease in your family’s fun and enjoyment.

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