Frugal Cooking: Dealing With Left Overs

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Frugal Cooking - Dealing With Leftovers

If you’re living on a budget, it is certain that you wouldn’t want to throw food away. Ever. So, what do you do when you have food left over, either after a party or maybe after a bout of intensive cooking? Here are some great ideas to help you cook frugally and deal with leftovers innovatively and easily.

Ideas for Using Leftover Chicken

Ever roast a chicken and have plenty left over? Here are some fun ways to use the leftover chicken without throwing away a single bit:

  • Make roast chicken sandwiches with some lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.
  • Have a roast chicken salad. Again, just toss the chicken with some crisp lettuce, tomatoes, olives and salad dressing.
  • Make a pizza and use the roast chicken for an instantly yummy topping.
  • Add the chicken to a soup or broth for added flavour and nutrition.

Have a Leftover Dinner Night

This is a great way to use leftovers and take a break from the kitchen. Add some fresh breads, a salad and dig into all those leftovers that have been crowding your refrigerator. You can do this every week, especially if you tend to have leftovers at every meal.

Have a Frittata Party

Omelets, especially stuffed ones, are a great way to use up leftovers. If you have pastas or veggies dishes left over, consider making a frittata and using these to fill them up. Easy-peasy and a great new meal as well.

Baked Dishes Help to Use up Leftovers

A casserole is another great way to use up leftovers. Use the leftovers as fillings and cover them with pastry, pie crusts or breadcrumbs or biscuit crumbs. Add some grated cheese and you have a yummy main course dish ready in next to no time and no leftovers in the refrigerator either.

Freeze Extras to Avoid Leftovers

This is something you do before you serve dinner or lunch. If you find that you’ve ended up making double the quantity of pasta sauce, simply take out one serving and freeze the rest. Label and date the container and take it out when you need a hearty meal in a jiffy.

Cook Less Often or Cook the Right Quantity

One of the best and easiest ways to deal with leftovers is to not have any! Simply don’t cook too much or too often. If you find you’ve made too much food and if you don’t own a freezer, simply take a break from the kitchen the next day. Alternatively, you can be frugal and avoid leftovers by cooking the right quantity for your family’s needs.

Sometimes being frugal in the kitchen requires just a bit of imagination. Leftovers can put a dent in the family budget. Using them up or avoiding them altogether will help you save more money, eat better and enjoy a meal in many different ways.

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