Frugal Cooking Tips and Ideas to Help Entertain on a Budget

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Dinner Party

Living on a budget does not mean you can’t throw a lovely party or entertain as much as you’d like to. You can have the best dinner ever without busting the bank.

Here are some frugal cooking and entertaining tips and ideas for the hostess on a budget.

A Simple Menu to Save Money

Remember that the party is enjoyable because of your company and not just your food. So, choose a simple, no-fuss menu that is both easy and economical to put together. Some ideas include pastas and breads, a wholesome eggs-based dish such as frittatas or a savory soufflé will be elegant, filling and budget-friendly.

Be Sensible About Serving Sizes

Sometimes, it is easy to get carried away or overestimate the appetite of our guests and cook too much. Cut out the chances of having leftovers by keeping serving sizes moderate and sensible.

Potlucks Make Entertaining Inexpensive

When guests offer to bring a favorite dish or two, don’t say “No”. Be gracious. Thank them and let them help. Not only will it add variety to the table, it will help you cut costs too.

Family Favorites Make Cheap, Tasty Party Fare

Does your family love mashed potatoes and baked beans? Chances are friends of yours too would enjoy these comfort foods. Casseroles, pizzas or even, burgers can make great dinner party dishes. Add a salad, maybe a soup and some bacon and you have a lovely, budget-friendly meal filled with home cooked goodness.

Dish Out Delightful Desserts

Desserts are an inexpensive and effective way of rounding out a budget-friendly meal. Skip expensive ingredients or fancy dessert dishes and instead, opt for safe and economical cakes, puddings and trifles that look great and yet are easy on the budget too.

More Tips to Entertain on a Budget

Entertaining on a budget doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.  Here are some more easy ways to throw a party on a shoestring budget:

  • Add to the party atmosphere by setting the table nicely. Add flowers, coordinated table linen and cutlery and you have a warm and welcoming dinner table.
  • Cook from scratch instead of buying tinned tomatoes or ready-to-eat baked beans. Cooking from scratch is not only healthier but also much cheaper.
  • You can use what you have to create a fun party setting easily and on a budget. Old soda or wine bottles with flowers or as candle stands are whimsical and add a great touch to the dinner table too. So do crisp white table linen or a red and white checked tablecloth for a French cafe look. Use baskets to hold breads, sandwiches or nachos.

Frugal cooking and entertaining can be easy and fun. All you’ll need to use is imagination, some time and a little effort to put together a wonderful party meal for friends and family without busting the budget.

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