Frugal Ways to Have Fun with the Kids

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Frugal Fun With Kids

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If you’re looking for cheap yet interesting ways to spend the day with your kids, look no further. These simple but super-fun ideas will keep your children engaged and occupied at no cost at all.

A Day in the Park is an Eco-friendly Fun Idea

Take the kids and head over to the park. Carry a picnic lunch of homemade sandwiches, some cookies or cake and a jug of lemonade. Let the kids run around, play tag and other activity-based games, and then gorge on a good, healthy, homemade lunch. A day spent outdoors is not just great for the mind and body, but also for the budget.

Fun in the Kitchen is Inexpensive and Interesting

This is a great idea to spend a rainy or snowed-in day. Whether you have toddlers, preschoolers or older kids, time in the kitchen is a great way to bond and spend time having fun without spending a dime. With toddlers and preschoolers, you can do some no-cook cooking. A few good ideas are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chopped fruit salads, even, kneading cookie dough and cutting out shapes.

Older kids can help you with baking a cake or even, a pasta dish. In fact, have a full family meal. Let the kids help with tossing the salad, draining the pasta and mixing it into the sauce and finally, round it off with a homemade cake made by all of you. What fun and zero cost!

Arts and Crafts are a Cheap Way to Have Fun

One of the most inexpensive and yet creative ways to have fun is to do arts and crafts with your kids. Bring out the crayons, paints, sparklies, googly eyes, glue and construction paper. Then, let your imagination run loose. Let the kids make handprint cards, caterpillar and garden creatures with some old egg cartons, paint and googly eyes or just paste colored bits of paper to make your own rainbow.

Pretend Play is an Old Fashioned but Fun Activity

Toddlers, especially, love pretend play. Bring out the kitchen set, doctor’s kit or carpenter tools and get down with your little boy or girl and pretend to set up a real shop or kitchen. Bring in other toys for characters, change your voice, add a song or dance and you’ll have an hour of fun without spending any money.

Quiet Time Can be Fun Too

Fun with the kids doesn’t have to be all activity, song and dance. A quiet evening spent reading a favorite book or coloring in some downloaded printables is a great way to spend time together and have fun too. Reading to toddlers is a fantastic and frugal way to build vocabulary and language skills while older kids can nurture their imagination, and engage in active discussions with you about characters and plot.

Spending time with kids doesn’t have to involve spending money. With ideas like these up your sleeve, you can easily be a frugal yet fun parent.

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