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As I write this we are wandering the southeast corner of the USA.  Right now we are at a beach in Florida to be exact.  It has become a bit of a family tradition to take wandering roadtrips through the country, it is our third year this year.  By the time we get back this year our total time wandering over the three years will be 14 weeks+ and will include visiting all but 12 of the 50 states.

Why do we wander and explore?   It’s fun!  Some days work better than others, there are lots of complications and problems we run into.  But as a whole we love doing it as a family.

Two weeks ago I told you to do something scary.  Today I want to encourage you to do something fun.  Kick back, feet up, no good reason for it, fun.

Do something fun just for fun’s sake.

When was the last time you took off and did something fun?  Can you remember?  … I hope you can think of something fun you would like to do.   Sometimes we get so busy working and doing what we should be doing, being efficient, being responsible, that we forget that somethings can just be done for fun.


Because doing something fun helps pull you into the present and helps you enjoy it.  So often we get wrapped up in the past or the future that we forget the only time we can truly enjoy is right here – right now.

  • Do you want to take an evening, a day, 6 weeks?
  • Who do you want to do it with?
  • What money can you budget?
  • How soon can you start?
  • …. can you make it a tradition so you can be reminded to have fun in the future?

It is the moments where we have fun that give us the best memories, bond us with people, help us feel alive…. some even say they are the reason for living.  Pretty important stuff right?

Sometimes people get caught up in minimalism or simple living thinking they need a specific number of things or a certain level of organization, but that isn’t what minimalism is about at all.  It is about removing things that are in the way of what really matters… and fun is one of those things that really matter.

As you sit reading this thinking about what you could do that is fun it is also a great minimalism check.  Is there anything in the way of the fun you are thinking of (besides the obvious like laws and hurting others and such)?  Maybe these are things that need to be removed from your life in the future.   Some things are easier than others but even if they are harder it is probably worth the work.

Fun helps us get through the hard times, the painful memories, the realities of life, the pain that sometime seems everywhere in life.  If you have had trouble with some of these things or depressed you need to do even more fun.  Find ways to schedule it in as soon as you can.

Alright then.  Have fun!

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