Five Fun And Frugal Ways To Use Your Photos

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Fun With Photographs We all have a bunch of photos lying around, either on your laptops or in photo albums and while, every now and then, we may browse through them, we don’t really think of them often. Isn’t that sad when really, we could relive happy memories and nostalgic moments every single minute of the day?

A photo is a great way to brighten up a dull day, cheer up a sad soul and strengthen an unsure heart.

Here are some frugal but totally fun ways to use all those photos and put them to good use:

Make a Collage

A totally fun rainy or snowy day activity to do with the kids, collage-making is also a fantastic way to use all those photos that have been shoved into an album or shoebox. Make themed collages or chronological ones. Take your pick. In fact, if you really want to, you could make a collage for each room in the house using appropriate photos. For instance, the dining room could have a collage of all the fun eating out times you’ve had with the family. The bedroom could have a collage of childhood photos while the guest room could feature a collage of all your travel and sight-seeing pictures. Fun!

Get Photo Calendars Made

Most photo gifting sites offer photo calendars. Affordable and practical, these make great gifts and allow you to share your favorite photos with extended family as well. Photo calendars can also be made for different places in the house – the kitchen can have a wall calendar while the office can have a desk one.

Use Photos for Wall Décor

One of the easiest yet most often forgotten way of using photos is to turn them into wall décor. Simply frame photos of the same size, type or theme and dedicate a wall to hanging them. Get them framed in similar frames and voila, you have instantly personalized yet chic wall décor. Here are some tips on framing and hanging picturesfrom the folks at Kodak.

Make Photo Books

If you have plenty of printed photos, turn them into a DIY photo book using some basic scrapbooking supplies. A great idea is to make one for each member in the family using photos that hold a special significance for them. You can do this for birthdays, anniversaries and even, other holidays. Add hand-written notes and other small mementoes and you have an almost free but totally fantastic gift idea.

So, don’t let those photos languish in shoeboxes or albums. Bring them out, let them reflect the happiness and warmth that binds your family together while adding a touch of décor and personalization as well.

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