How to Have a Green and Simple Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Feast There is no better time to be green and eco-friendly than Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates all we have to be grateful for, including the bounty of the Earth; and what better way to celebrate and honor this than by being mindful of our decisions.

Here are some ways to celebrate a greener Thanksgiving this year:

Shop Locally

Start by shopping for your Thanksgiving Dinner from locally grown produce. Locally grown is generally more eco-friendly, has used less energy in being transported from farm to store and supports the local economy as well. Win-win!

Use Reusable Bags for Groceries and Shopping

Next, make sure that you’re carrying reusable bags each time you head to buy groceries or gifts. Also, be a conscious buyer and buy only what is needed and see what could be repurposed instead. Stash a few reusable bags in the boot of your car so that you always have one at hand, and don’t have to pick the plastic ones.

Opt for Vegetarian, Grass-Fed, Organic Turkey

For the traditional Turkey dinner, ask your local butcher if he stocks or knows where to source American Humane Certified turkey that is usually “organic” and therefore, better for you and the environment.

Use Natural Décor

Thanksgiving is a great time to turn to nature for décor inspiration. With a little imagination and creativity, you can use leaves, twigs, flowers and shrubs to create stunningly simple centerpieces, mantle decorations and more.

For candles and lighting, choose soy or beeswax candles, that not only look and smell beautiful but are healthier for you and the planet as well.

Opt for Reusable Dinnerware

Finally, when you sit down at the table to dig into your green and eco-friendly Thanksgiving dinner, make sure that your dinnerware is eco too. You can choose from recycled or reusable dinner ware that is traditional and also easier on the environment. So, no buying Styrofoam glasses and plates!

Celebrating a holiday that is easier on the planet generally translates into savings on the budget as well. After all, buying only what is needed, choosing local, decorating with nature are all options that are both eco and economical.

How do you celebrate a green and earth-friendly Thanksgiving?

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