Hatching An Egg House In Beijing

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Egg Pod From The Street

Life can be financially tough on new graduates, particularly if you live in a city with out of control rents such as Beijing.  If you’re 24 year architecture graduate, Dai Haifei however, there is a solution…

Introducing the ‘Egg Pod’.

Dai built the 2 meter high shelther at a cost of 6,427 yuan ($964 USD).  It sits on wheels so, should the mood take him, he can move neighborhoods as he chooses.

Bamboo splints line the inside of the shelter, while the outside is covered with sack bags, and wood chips and grass seeds interposed between them.  “The seeds will grow in the natural environment and it’s cold-proof”, Dai explained.

Egg Pod Inside

Dai was inspired to build the project after attending the 2010 Shanghai Biennale Exhibition where he took interest in a novel creation labeled ‘City’s egg’.   “I was impressed by the green-notion of building a house like that, especially in cities like Beijing where rental price for a fresh graduate is a huge burden“, Dai said.

The few electrical items kept inside are powered by a small solar panel, and the hatch in the ‘roof’ of the egg allows some fresh air in without having to lay open the whole egg.

Photo credit China Daily

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