How To Start Raising Chickens

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Raising chickens is not complicated. Find a place to build a small coop, chickens like a place to eat, sleep, and yes lay eggs. Ready kits are available for the ultimate novice. Otherwise, just build a simple coop or find a small building on your property.

Chickens are not expensive to keep they need water, food, and a place to roam around. There are benefits to loose chickens during the day, they will eat unwanted insects on the farm, and chicken manure makes for a great free organic fertilizer for your garden, keep them indoors at night. The coop should have a door protecting chickens from unfriendly predators. Keep the floor with wood shavings or straw for cleanliness.

Water feeders are ready made for older birds, or use a simple long container not too tall. The water feeder for baby chicks should be in a shallow container up to their little feet, no higher, so they do not drown you will put their beak in once to teach them, and they will do the rest.
If you are starting from eggs, you will need an incubator, keep in mind that only half the eggs will hatch, this is natural; the chicks will make up the initial cost because they will grow and give you more eggs.

Chickens need food, which comes in pallets, scratch grain, or crumbles. You can buy it at your local farm supply store or order on the net.

Young chickens prefer warmth; a heat lamp in the coop will do the job checking on them a few times a day regulating the warmness in their new home. A good temperature is about 95 degrees, and as they grow, you can lower the temperature by 5 degrees every other day until full grown, 60-degrees is a good climate. Give them a place to sleep a shoebox a basket a compartment without drafts this is where they will lay their eggs, collect eggs daily.

If you want only meat producers, you are restricted to that type of chicken. There is a bigger variety for the egg-laying hens; they do a double duty of food and increasing the brood. You can keep both types in the same coop.

Start chicken farm with 10 to 25 chickens, buying in the fall is less expensive people sell excess young birds after the spring. It is also productive to get a rooster for your coop. Start small and you will grow into a great chicken farmer.

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