International Downshifting Week

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downshifting week …‘Downshifting Week Pulls Together the Threads of Simple, Green Living’…

What’s the secret to having a more fulfilled sex life, better mental health and well-being, a firmer grip on the work/life balance in favour of ‘life’ and more money in your pocket?  “Embracing a little downshifting”, replies Tracey Smith, founder of InterNational Downshifting Week, a non-profit awareness campaign just about to celebrate its 7th year: Sat 23/Fri 29 April.

These questions and more will be answered shortly, as Tracey prepares for a national tour: Tue 19/Sat 30 April. She’ll visit key eco-personalities and established and aspiring downshifters taking part in convivial ‘Knit Ins’ for her Community Blanket Project, tying in BBC Radio and other media along the way.

Each Community Blanket consists of 18 x 10 inch squares sewn together to form a pocketed blanket that will have been made with wool sourced from the community (charity shops, old sweaters unravelled), knitted by the community and distributed to vulnerable souls in the community before the chilly season sets in; a perfect example of an inter-generational, skill-sharing event and she’s hoping for 2011 blankets in all.

Why knitting?

Well, downshifters are thrifty by their very nature and they give a positive embrace to living with less by being incredibly resourceful. They are also helping to resurrect some of the old skills crucial for a bit of self-sufficiency, including mending and making.

Tracey has been a specialist writer/broadcaster on sustainable living and downshifting for over a decade, interacting with literally tens of thousands of actual/aspiring downshifters from all over the world.

She has first-hand experience of their follies, foibles and fabulous successes and is almost evangelical in encouraging people to dip their toes into a bit of simple, green living, proclaiming the benefits can be felt in many aspects of our daily lives; it can even improve activities between the sheets!

Tracey Smith is founder of InterNational Downshifting Week, author of the bestselling Book of Rubbish Ideas, an eco-columnist for The Green Parent and journalist/broadcaster on many aspects of downshifting/simple, green living, predominantly for UK media.  She presents and produces her own weekly radio show and is a regular on BBC Somerset.

To learn more about International Downshifting Week click here.

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