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Continuing from Simple Premise #7 I wanted to talk more about action. As a writer I sometimes feel wrong saying this, but I don’t want you to spend your time reading and thinking. Reading and thinking is good and it makes change possible in your head (sometimes the hardest place), but if it doesn’t move past your head you don’t have the benefit of it.

Do you want a simple life?

Do you want a more intentional life? Do you want to work on your passions and grow? Do you want better relationships? What else do you want?

Reading and thinking won’t get you there

I like the metaphor of the person who spent their whole life climbing a ladder just to realize it was leaned up against the wrong wall. There is huge truth to it. Reading and thinking help you figure out which wall to lean your ladder up to, but just having your ladder in the right place doesn’t get you anywhere either. You have to climb – work.

So find the principles from Simple Premise #7 and find a way to work toward it today, tomorrow, this week. What can you do now to get closer?

How can you keep focused on that principle in the future? Write it in a journal? Put a picture or write it out and hang it on the wall? Do you have other people in your life (or can you find some) reaching for the same principle that can keep you accountable? What can you do to keep yourself accountable? Do you want to reward yourself at different stages for sticking to your principle?

Whatever it takes – take action. Get to work!

Over the last few months we have been talking about Simple Premises. These things are simple but often not easy. What are you working toward? What are the simple steps you need to do? How are are you going to put them into practice?


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