Peak Oil: An Introduction

| May 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

‘Peak Oil’ is one of the greatest issues of our time.  Much like climate change, it is no longer a distant threat that our grandchildren may face – it is here and happening now.

People have been debating the timing of peak oil – the time when oil production stops increasing and starts dropping – but most experts seem to now agree that’s it’s already happened.  This is concerning news indeed (although not surprising), and emphasizes all the more the importance of adopting ‘simpler’ lifestyles.

This video is an introduction to peak oil created by the Post Carbon Institute.  It covers the causes of the issue, what it means, and what to do now.  It’s essential watching…

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Simon Ussher is the founder of, a co-founder of the Simplicity Institute, and a practicing medical specialist. He's passionate about the holistic benefits of simple living, and making simple living an easy and viable lifestyle option.

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