Reduce Waste This Christmas

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This is a stunning infographic highlighting the waste associated with our most popular celebrations. The information is specific to Britain, but is easily applicable to the rest of the developed world.

Waste is a huge side-effect of the consumer oriented Christmas, Easter and other holidays we’ve become used to.  Here some ideas on how to reduce your waste this Christmas:

Give Services or Consumable Gifts

Giving physical gifts is hard now, primarily because most of us have most things that we need or want.  A good idea is to give gifts that someone can use without creating waste e.g. give someone a jar of homemade jam – they eat the jam and the jar can be reused or recycled.

Take It One Step Further – Give Green Gifts

Take your gift giving a step further and give people things such as a tree to plant (if they have somewhere to plant it), or plant a tree in their name with a relevant forest project, such as this.  Not only is your gift novel and meaningful, it’s taking a positive step to a greener Christmas.

Ask Your Friends And Relatives Not To Give You Gifts

Send a note to all your relatives that you would prefer not to receive physical gifts this year.  This could seem rude, so do it delicately.

Explain why you don’t want gifts, ask your family to join you in this ‘quest’, remind them what Christmas is really all about, and perhaps nominate something else they can give to instead, such as the Salvation Army’s holiday appeal.

Recycle Like Rambo

With all wrapping paper, boxes and whatever else, do your utmost to reuse, recycle and repurpose.  Compost old food and Christmas trees, keep tree decorations for next year, and avoid waste wherever you can.

Here’s to a less-wasteful Christmas to all.

Infographic Credit General Waste Collection

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