How To Save Money On School Supplies

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Save Money School Supplies

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Does back-to-school time spell extra expenses and lots of shopping for pens, pencils and more? It doesn’t have to. Here are some great tips on how to save money while shopping for school supplies.

Use What You Have

The first thing to do is to go through all the stationery that you at home. Chances are you’ll find plenty of pencils, pens and even, notebooks lying around that can be used. A simple but great way to save money on school supplies is to use all those free pens and pencils that businesses hand out at expos and offices. Once you know what you already have, you can make a shopping list and hit the stores.

Scout for Discounts on School Supplies

Most stationery and school supplies stores have sales and discounts during back-to-school time. Pay close attention to coupons, offers and specials being offered by stores in your area and if need be, add names of stores in front of the list items that you need to buy for your kids.

Buy Budget but Personalize

While budget buys can help you save money, plain notebooks and simple school bags can be quite boring for a child. So, along with the regular supplies, buy a few stickers, felt pens and craft items and let your child personalize his stationery with them. A collage of stickers on a plain notebook can really help brighten it up on a budget.

Focus on Needs rather than Wants

While kids would have plenty of wants for back-to-school time, you need to be firm about focusing on needs. Allow kids one special thing that they want while the rest are all essentials. Also, while buying budget is great, you must also pay close attention to quality. If a high-quality rucksack is slightly more expensive, invest in that instead of a cheaper but low quality one that’ll fall apart in the next month or so.

Save Money on Back-to-School Clothes

Again, look at what your child already has and make a list of items that need to be replaced. Try to restyle old clothes with patches, some shortening or lengthening or simply by mixing and matching with a new t-shirt or pair of jeans. Focus on buying wardrobe basics and find stores that offer store credit or cash for lightly worn clothes.

Buying for back-to-school time will be easy and budget-friendly with these tips and ideas. How do you save on school supplies and clothes?

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