Saving Money: Experts You Should be Reading and Books for Your Family’s Personal Finance Library

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Save Money Experts

An important part of saving money and living a debt-free life is learning how to do that. Involving the family in saving money becomes easy when you have the right tools and information. Here are some experts whose books you and your f

amily should be reading as you make the journey towards financial freedom.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey and his Debt Snowball method have worked for thousands and thousands of family who wanted to be debt-free. He makes saving and budgeting easy and practical by listing “baby steps” which build on one another. Plus, his books are inspirational as they share real-life stories from people who using his system have paid off their debts. Ramsey is totally anti-credit (and rightly so!) and while his books do have a strong Christian angle, they’re helpful for anyone wanting to live a life free of debts, loans and credits.

Your Money or Your Life by Dominguez, Tilford and Robin

This is a book that totally supports the simple lifestyle and “making a life” rather than a “living”. The book offers practical advice on getting out of debt, rethinking your priorities, turning problems into opportunities and basically, living a life that is wholesome, healthy and balanced in more ways than one.

The Joy of Simple Living by Jeff Davidson

Again, a book that speaks to the simple living movement and offers tons of advice on saving money and living frugally but not poorly. While this book is not so much about financial management, it will help you re-examine areas of your home and your life and discover ways and means to save money while cutting back, living simpler and being more at peace with your life.

Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy

A book filled with money-saving tips and ideas for moms (the Chief Financial Officer in most homes), Miserly Moms will help you save money and live a frugal life easily and effectively. From guidelines that help you understand being “miserly” to tips to help you save on clothing, food, baby care, medical expenses and more, the book will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired.

What Color is Your Piggy Bank? By Adelia Cellini Linecker

A great book for kids aged 10-14 years, What Color is Your Piggy Bank? talks about jobs, starting your own business, managing money and more. If you’d like your tween or teen to be more money-savvy, this is a book that you’ll like to have in your library. The book will help your child to learn about their talents and skills, using them to start a business, creating a business schedule and most importantly, managing their finances.

What books do you have in your personal finance library that help you save money and live better?

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