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In honor of Halloween coming up in a few days I wanted to throw out a scary challenge. I don’t like the idea of creating fear, but it is a great time of year to talk about facing our fears.

Have you done something scary lately?

Not scary like spending up credit card debt or watching a horror movie, I mean scary like facing your fear of heights or public speaking.

I don’t think we ever need the ‘scary’ money stress, and I never understood people wanting to scare themselves with a book or video, but we do need to face our fears – look them in the eye – and move into them.


Because it stretches us, it helps us grow, it gives us confidence, it helps us become better people, and it builds character.

For the large majority of people, we are afraid – even cripplingly terrified – of very dumb things.  Not many of us have people or animals chasing us or any real danger to our physical person.  What most of us are afraid of is…failure.  How dumb is that?  This was brought out really well in Poke The Box by Seth Godin.  We are scared that something we do is going to fail.

Isn’t that right?

I was (and still am) terrified to write a book because I am afraid someone won’t think it is good.  I am terrified of public speaking because I think I might forget where I am or someone will think I look inexperienced.  I am scared to play guitar in front of people because I am afraid I will forget a chord or skip a verse.

All of these are …dumb.  I won’t be hurt, probably no one will even notice or remember if something I do fails.   I will not be forever know as ‘Lorilee – the girl who wrote a book that someone didn’t like’.  Seriously?  Why is it so hard to get past the fears when it is so silly.

What about you?  What do you want to do but you are afraid of?

What have you dreamed of, but every time you think about it you get butterflies in your stomach?  What excuses are you giving yourself?

Here we come to the challenge – Do Something …scary

Do it for the thrill.  Do it for the dare.  Do it to make yourself proud.  Do it because you know you will regret not trying.

I wrote a book last winter.  It was terrifying.  Every step was a huge learning curve but an even bigger fear curve.  Since then I have written two more.  They are still terrifying to me but I am so excited I did it.  I just got signed up for my first speaking engagement.  It doesn’t pay but I am excited about facing my fears and getting better at speaking.  I play guitar at church once or twice a month and every time it is a little less scary.

I have heard it said that if you aren’t doing something scary then you aren’t growing, you aren’t living your potential, you are just hiding behind mediocrity and habits.  There is probably a lot of truth in it.  People who have changed the world and made huge leaps in every field have taken lots of scary leaps.

Now it’s your turn?  What are you going to do (or start to do) that is scary this week?

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