Simple Premise #1 – You Don’t Need More Organization

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How organized are you?  How often can you find what you are looking for?  How often do you spend time reorganizing?  Are totes color coded or marked?  Are you sometimes embarrased with your lack of organization? Do you wish you were more organized?

Well your wrong …not to be mean but…

You don’t need organization, you need less stuff. (tweet this)

This took me years to figure out.  I was never a hoarder, but I always had extra of everything and kept all the things I thought I might need or use.  Because of this collection (rather large for a family of 4) I spent hours organizing.

I had things in the basement storage, in the spare bedroom’s walk in closet, in the attic storage, and in every closet and corner of the house.  For the most part I knew what I had and I knew where to find it.  The trouble came when I thought I had something and didn’t remember where it was.  I could spend hours looking for it …and then spend hours reorganizing.

I also loved clearance and garage sales and every time I got more treasures I had to spend time reorganizing the stash.  There were never enough totes, bins, baskets, or shoe boxes in our house.  I was always looking for a new way to organize our stuff so it would be easier to maintain.

But there is no trick.  Sure, organization makes managing stuff better, but organization is like dishes – as soon as you finish there is more to do.  Finally we realized that:

We didn’t need more organization, we needed less stuff.

Less stuff needs very little organization.  Less stuff is always easy to find.  With less stuff it is easy to know what you have (for the most part you know you don’t have it :) ).  With less stuff you spend very little time looking for things, less time buying color coated totes and shelving, and less time reorganizing.  If people stop over or accidentally open the wrong closet less stuff is less embarrassing.

Less stuff = more space, time, and money.  Organization only tries to promise more space …and that is debatable.

The amazing thing we learned in our simplification process was that we really didn’t need most of the things we thought we did.  Most of us don’t have houses full of useless things, they are things we think we need and even use.  But the truth is that lots of these things we don’t need either.

It takes a bit of rethinking, but instead of looking at your material posessions asking ‘Do I need this?’ or ‘Is there a chance I will use it?’ ask

  1. Would I miss this if I didn’t own it?

  2. Is there something else I could use to do the same task?

  3. If I decide I need this later is it available to borrow (i.e. library) or inexpensive?

Instead of trying to include all your possessions as things to keep, with these questions you challenge the position of everything you own.

Organization is never ending, less stuff is a permanent solution.

Simple Premise #1 – You don’t need more organization. Less stuff equals more space, time, and money.

Is there an area in your house that needs cut back more than organized?

Thanks so much for reading!  This post is the beginning of a three month series titled ‘Simple Premises‘.  Over the next three months we will go through different areas of the life where simplifying and having less equals much greater benefit.

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