Simple Premise #2 – Eating Should Be Simple

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Having trouble coming up with things to eat?  Staring into the cupboard at supper time wondering what to make? Always looking at fun recipes on the internet and rarely cooking them?

Does the idea of making a meal at home intimidate you?  Make you tired?  Does it make you picture piles of dirty dishes or sauce on the walls?

Eating should be simple. (tweet this)

Eating should be simple.  It is the one thing we need to do everyday (multiple times) to stay healthy.  The last thing we need is a constant stress following us through the day.

What makes eating simple?

Honestly, it means less cooking, less ingredients, and possibly less variety. Simple eating uses ingredients that God and your grandma would recognize.  Simple foods are things you could see in a field somewhere.

Society and world trade have opened our options for cooking wider than ever before.  The more ingredients and options we have available to use make us feel pressured to make fancier and fancier things.

I am all about fancy cooking and special meals, but there is a difference between a fancy meal and feeling like every meal needs to be a big spread.

The great thing is that this idea also overlaps with healthy eating.

Healthy eating wisdom calls for much less preparation.  Most things are healthier raw.  Buying single ingredient items that are fresh, don’t include preservatives, and can be eaten raw or with minimal preparation are the healthiest for you.  They save you time, money, and your health!

What are some simple food ideas:

  • Fruits – usually eaten raw
  • Vegetables – raw or minimal cooking
  • Nuts – can be eaten raw or roasted
  • Simple crackers or breads – if purchased prepared with minimal ingredients and preservatives they require no preparation
  • Grains – boiled or other minimal preparation
  • Beans or Legumes – boiled, sometimes with a few spices

All these things are incredibly healthy and take very little work to prepare.  Sometimes it take a while to adjust eating preferences to include these simple foods but the time, health, and money benefit is worth it.

Don’t always have balanced meals?  That is okay too.  It isn’t always important to have three balanced meals a day.  See if you can create a balanced day instead of a balanced meal.  Different meals and snacks can all contribute to a balanced day.

Can you make a step to simplify your eating today?

Can you purchase some of these simple foods and have them available?  Can you make a menu for this next week including more of these simple foods?

What are some other simple foods you like to eat?

Simple Premise #2 – Eating Should Be Simple!

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Thanks so much for reading!  This post is the second of a three month series titled ‘Simple Premises‘.  Over the next three months we will go through different areas of the life where simplifying and having less equals much greater benefit.

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