Simple Premise #5 – If You Want To Live You Have To Grow

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Today I want to talk a bit about growth.  Life-learning, constantly learning, always growing – it can be called many things.  Why is it simple?  I believe it is simple because it is part of our life that we get to choose.  When we are young, or even in jobs we often are forced to learn and grow.  This is all good in these situations, but the growth I want to talk about today is self-directed and self-chosen.  Don’t over-think this area, if you have an interesting in something see how you can grow and develop it.  Simple right?

Simple, but not easy.  Not easy because it seems like this is the area that gets squeezed out of our schedule first.

Simple Premise #5 – If you want to live you have to grow

Not optional.

I have learned this lately in my life.  When I am not learning and growing I feel depressed, discouraged, and overwhelmed by day-to-day life.  Not sure how this works, but the more I learn and grow as a person the more my day-to-day is easier.  I am a stay at home mom and now a homeschooling mom.  My day-to-day can get very old.  There are always dishes, laundry, messes, and kids not getting along.  My life and outlook have gotten so much better since I started blogging and writing.  I noticed that reading a good book (non-fiction) would bring up my mood for weeks.  The mind just needs new things to think about and new ways to stretch to be happy.

My husband has found this too.  His primary job is construction and it has gone up and down and changed a lot during the last few years.  The work is something he can do but after well over 10 years doing the same thing it is no longer a challenge for him.  He has started working on photography and his outlook and overall satisfaction of life has gone up.

We are just made to work, to think, to grow.  I don’t think we ever get too old to keep this process going.  I have heard and read in many places that learning is very important for the elderly to keep their mind healthy.  Maybe more noticed and prominent in the older ages,  but the process and benefit is available at any age.

Not only that but learning and adding lots of new experiences to your life actually makes it longer.  (tweet this)

Crazy right?  I read this concept in Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything a while ago. He talked about this concept of lengthening your life with growing and experiences.  First off you need to accept the idea that what we perceive is our own reality.  Not actual numbers, but how long we feel our life actually is matters.  If we feel we have lived a long full life than we have (as far as we are concerned).

So take that thought and apply it to your life.  Think of a week when nothing really happened. Get up, go to work, come home, repeat.  Looking back over the week, last weekend didn’t seem that long ago.  Then think of a week that was full of lots of challenges, growth, learning, different experiences.  When you get to the weekend after that week, even if it felt like it flew by, the past weekend feels like it was weeks or months ago.  Get the idea?  Our memories of experiences hold placeholders in our history.  Lots of things worth remembering make history feel long.  Nothing much to remember and whole years just mesh together.

Does your life feel like?  ’Well there was the year I graduated, then there was the year I got married, then there was the year my kid (kids) were born’  … and the rest all mesh together?  You need more big placeholders.  Don’t keep getting married and having kids, add other big place holders – the year we started our business, the year we got out of debt, the year we took a Europe vacation, the year we built a house, published a book, started teaching, started playing the piano, … etc.

Keep growing – you have to keep growing to really enjoy life.  Not only that, growing, learning and discovering actually makes life longer.

Simple right?

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 Hope you have a great weekend :)  

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  1. michelle says:

    wow, you have a talent for putting things simply. I need to make more “place holders” in my life. Would make for interesting conversation when I’m older =)

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