Simple Premise #6 – Money is Simple

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It doesn’t matter what country you come from, what currency you use, or whether you make lots or little.

Money is simple.

I tried to figure out how old money was but it is a pretty hard search.  I think we can safely say that money is almost ‘as old as the hills’.  People have been using different forms of money for a long time.

It holds value and we trade it for things.  If we don’t have enough money for the thing we want we need to go and find more money.  This is pretty simple math.

How then does money become such a stressor for people, cause so many divorces, and even cause people to kill themselves?  That doesn’t sound simple.

I think there is 1 major new idea that we have been merging with money that make it so dangerous:


Debt is probably fairly old too, but it sure wasn’t common, easy, or encouraged.  People went into slavery or their families were taken if they couldn’t pay their debt (if you look at biblical references).  That is pretty serious… however, ever now debt is very controling and it is the #1 cause for divorce…

Debt is so serious but we flirt with it and ask for it all the time.  It is totally possible to live without it, but how many people do you know who save up before buying a car or a house?  …much less the smaller items.

I have not been able to figure out the house, but maybe if I could change the past we would have saved up and purchased it in cash.  Now that we have adopted minimalism we are renting our house out and don’t have to worry about those payments in our budget either.  Otherwise, in the last 8 years we have been debt free except for 4 months of a car loan.  There is an incredible freedom that comes from being debt free!  The freedom for me to stay home and homeschool our kids while working on my writing, the freedom for my husband to choose low stress work instead of needing to find what pays the most, the freedom to know that if something happens our expenses are low and a little crisis won’t send us into financial ‘hell’.

I still stress about money more than I should but I am never stressed about if we can pay the bills, feed the children, or go to the doctor.

Some Simple Money Tips:

  1. Get out, or stay out of debt
  2. Spend less than you make
  3. Realize that no matter who you are, if you are reading this and have internet access you are probably richer than well over half the world.
  4. Realize that money is a choice.  You choose where to spend it.  You can never have it all, but you can choose what is the most important and spend your money on it.

Minimalism and simple living really help create simple money.  Our family has chosen to live in a 1bedroom apartment in a cheaper area on the outskirts of town.  We buy very little because we don’t have the space to keep it and we buy used as often as we can because it is easier on the environment as well as the budget.  We could choose to live in a bigger home and buy more things, but we wouldn’t have the same freedom with money and time.  For us, this is the logical answer.

Thanks for reading.  Money is always a touchy subject, but deep down we all know it should be simple.

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 Hope you have a great weekend :)  

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