Simple Premise #7 – Getting From Point A to Point B

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Simple living, closely tied to intentional living is about results. It is a mind thing but it is much more. It requires moving from where we are (point A) to where we want to be (point B). We don’t get from one to the other accidentally – it takes work.

Most people will say you need goals – specific, measurable, dated, broken down into lots of small areas – goals. Then if you look at some writers in the minimalist group they will tell you that living without goals is how to accomplish the most and really live simply.

I have tried both sides. …however my personality really faught the ‘no goals’ idea… I would say that my attempt at living without goals was a failure. However, I have learned that having lots of goals does take the simple out of my life and leaves me feeling driven instead of able to enjoy the present.

My personal take on minimalism and goals comes down to this:

Commitment to Principles

Both these concepts are hard to find in society today. Society has been changing so much and so fast. All these changes have overflowed into our lives leaving us changing ideas, social groups, careers, friends, and spouses all the time. Instead of really committing to an idea we just ‘dip our toes’ into whatever looks best at the time. I am not saying we should give up on our ability to change our life, for the most part it is a huge benefit of living now. However we can’t forget how to commit to something. We need to learn to balance our ability to change and our constant addiction to change when things get tough. That is what committment is… sticking to something, even when it is hard, and growing through it.

Simple living and minimalism needs commitment. It is way to easy to read and dream about change. However, many people get discouraged and tired long before they reach what they were dreaming for. We need commitment to an idea – through thick and thin to get where we want to be. Practicing this commitment in one area of our lives will also teach us to apply it in other areas.

Principles are something else people talk about but don’t often live by. The tangible goals, those measurable and easy to reach are also easier to focus on. We want to accomplish something and principles aren’t something we can ever accomplish. Principles are the perfect picture of what we want to accomplish and because we aren’t perfect, they will always give us something to reach and grow towards.

So how does this fit into simple living?

A principle I have been working toward in my life is keeping material posessions from taking time, energy, and resources away from my relationships, my faith, and my personal goals. Minimalsm works great to support this principle in my life as it has helped me remove most of my posessions. It is something that I am continually committed to and look to improve in my life all the time.

What are some principles you are committed to reaching? Are there times when the commitment to them has been hard?

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