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This might be a bit different than most of my posts… I want you to do nothing.  So much talk (from me and others) is about action.  I intend to keep it that way… except for today.  Today I want you to take some time to do nothing.  As I write this post, in the United States we are having our Thanksgiving holiday.  It is a wonderful time to spend with family and eat.  Personally I would go for a holiday like this every month :)  We have also just returned from a 6 week vacation/road trip with the family.

So, out of personal experience, I wanted to write about doing nothing.  There is joy and benefit from doing, but there is also joy and benefit from doing nothing.     

The Benefits

Time to think

Probably the most obvious reason for stopping is the ability to think.  Without some time doing nothing we don’t have the time to ask the questions of “What do I want in life?”, “What are my priorities?”, “Am I being successful in what matters to me?”

Without doing nothing and thinking there isn’t the time to find these answers and make sure our ‘doing’ is actually effort put in the right direction.


Back in college I always used the ‘sleep instead of study’ method for tests.  Not that it was my only studying, but I had always heard it was better to go into a test well rested than spending the extra time studying.  I don’t believe it is only the physical sleeping that makes the difference.  Doing nothing gives us the mental state of rest and allows us to better look at challenges ahead.

Already sleeping 8 hours a night?  That is a good start but I believe the body needs awake time to do nothing to rest as well.


It is so easy to find myself working all the time.  There are always more places to work and more money that could be made.  This is just life.  We can find ourselves running and running all the time and our focus becomes narrowed in on our work.

When we take time to do nothing we can see that work is just work, money is just money, and none of it really matters.  We can realize our priorities are people and relationships and that work and money are just tools.

We need rest to give allow us this perspective.


Sometimes doing nothing or doing something that isn’t considered ’efficient use of time’ is fun.

It is important not to let this time get crazy (think TV or computer games) but every once and a while it is just fun.  Life needs to have fun moments.  Sometimes there are great ‘efficient moments’ that are fun, but sometimes it is the kicking back and doing nothing that is fun as well.

How do you do nothing?

This is probably personal.  It could be an evening relaxing or a holiday.  It could be alone or with friends.  It needs to match your personality.

In the past few weeks I have talked about doing different things.  Make sure to check out these posts if you haven’t already:

Thanks so much for reading.  Make sure to find some time this week to just Do Nothing.  Enjoy!

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