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This is a great video by Annie Leonard on how our system of production and consumption actually works.

It discusses an important aspect of our consumption, which is ‘the real cost’.  The idea that you can buy a t-shirt for $5.95 may reflect the economic costs, but if a river is polluted in the process, land despoiled and the health of factory workers suffers, then $5.95 doesn’t really reflect the real cost.

Perhaps it would if only the company producing the t-shirt had to pay for proper processing of their waste, sustainable use of the land and their workers health care.  Then perhaps the t-shirt may get a little more expensive, which may hurt those of us in the developed world, but it would certainly be a change for the better.

Anyway, the video is excellent and I highly recommend you watch it.  It’s around 20 minutes, but well worth it.

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