What if the World Ends?

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There has been a lot of hype with some people about the world ending today because of the Mayans calendar.  Just a short google search for the subject brings all kinds of doomsday websites up.

People are taking it seriously because survival gear and related items have been selling really well.

What do I think?

I don’t really care :)

I shouldn’t say I don’t care completely, I would like to live to tomorrow and many more years to come.  I also don’t believe the Mayans really knew how to predict the end of the world any better than people who set dates today.

I can say I don’t care because I live my life the way I want to.  I am not waiting for some moment when I can do the things I want or say the things I want to say.  I try to live by the principle of ‘living every day as my last’.  I love how this TED talk captures the idea near the end with the concept of ‘die empty’.

Today is the end of the world for lots of people.  About 150,000 will die today (based on some internet numbers, though the actual number isn’t that important).  People die all the time.  Sometimes we expect it, sometimes we don’t.  Either way, none of us have any more control over keeping our selves alive as we do keeping the world from ending.  We can keep our bodies healthy and recycle, but when it comes down to it, we really have no control.

Is it something to be scared of?  If you choose.  Is it something to be happy about?  If you choose.  With all the suffering around the world and all the injustice and pain there might be an argument for letting it end.  What I want to say is that you can think or feel anything you like and there is still very little we can do about it.  What we can do is choose how we live with the life we have today.

So live today to the fullest!  Live tomorrow to the fullest!  Spend time with people you love, do things you want to do, share your talent with the world.  Live like you have many more years and live like today might be your last.

Putting off living and being afraid of death could easily be argued that it isn’t living at all.  Sleeping, eating, breathing, and surviving isn’t the same as living and making the most of your life.

So don’t worry so much about if and when the world will end.  Focus on living the life you want to live with your priorities straight today.

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